Harper: Grayson Sports Park “Very forward thinking, very forward looking.”


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The first manager of the new Grayson Sports Park told Grayson Rotary members he shares the “very ambitious” vision those who’ve worked to make the facility a reality.

Grant Harper, a lifelong Grayson resident and member of the ECHS Class of 2000, said he and his wife are “townies” with two sons, Eli & Evan, 10 and 6, who left “a good job” with the local school system as he was repeatedly drawn into the new sports park project.

“The people who’ve worked on this have a very ambitious vision for the park – very forward thinking, very forward looking. It has the potential to draw people here from a large area,” he said.

“I share this vision with them,” he added.

Construction of the park “is a thoughtful process,” Harper said, noting he hopes to help keep a positive community outlook about the effort.

“It is a very big project for a community our size, but it is being done in the best interest of our community and for anyone’s personal gain. And, it is also to help Grayson be known for something other than the bad things,” he said.

A sports enthusiast himself, Harper said his sons are evenly divided on the subject, explaining he personally appreciates the fact the new sports park will serve multiple purposes.

“This is a project that has a greater vision than sports. It is bigger than sports.”

Grayson’s easy access to Interstate 64, as well as position between Lexington and Ashland, will also make the new park an attractive destination for traveling teams, Harper noted.

A 2004 graduate of Marshall University, Harper said the new job will also allow him to utilize his studies of marketing and business administration. He is developing a new website for the site and hopes to further relationships with local restaurant owners and managers to best accommodate tourists.

Despite recent rains, construction efforts are within 20 days of the plans and the entire site has been graded to specifications. Harper said he welcomes any questions or input about the park by email at grant@graysonsportspark.com.

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Story and Photos by TIM PRESTON


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