Grayson’s Rotary Club June 24, 2019 Meeting- H.E.L.P.


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Today, Grayson’s Rotary club had its weekly meeting at Melini Cucina’s Restaurant. Today’s program was brought by Jaime Martinez, and the guest speaker was local Grayson resident, Nathana Hall.

Nathana Hall is a Nurse Practitioner who works for Grayson Health Park with a focus on visiting the patients in their own home. Nathana also helped start H.E.L.P., which stands for Health Equipment for Local People. This organization takes in used or no longer needed medical equipment or supplies, sanitizes, then reissues the equipment to those in need.

Please give them a like on Facebook and reach out to them with any wheelchairs, bedside potties, or any extra supplies you may have.


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