Grayson Sports Park Board: June 11 Meeting Notes


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The Grayson Sports Park Board along with Construction Manager John Brammer and Park Manager Grant Harper met for their monthly meeting on Thursday June 11th. The meeting was held on site at the park and social distancing was observed for the outdoor meeting.

Among items that were discussed were, financial documents, construction progress as well as starting to develop a time frame for opening portions of the park to the public.

– Work on site concrete continues around the baseball field section of the park and is approximately 80 percent complete.

– Irrigation has been installed for the main soccer/football field along with providing water to the other multi-purpose and baseball fields in the park.

– Grass seeding for the common areas of the park is approximately 60 percent complete and grass growth has begun in those areas.

– Two of the four baseball fields have been treated with a hydro seed mixture to quicken the pace of turf grass grow in, with the other two baseball fields along with the main soccer/football field scheduled to be seeded in the coming week.

– All field lighting has been completed with a state of the art Musco LED field lighting system. Work has begun to provide the park with the necessary electrical service in the coming weeks.

– Three shelter houses along with a maintenance building, and two concession and restroom facilities are nearing completion.

– Discussion concerning a walk path and arboretum in the east section of the park have taken place as well as a sensory garden project.

– All construction projects included in phase one of the park are scheduled to be completed by July 31st

– Plans are being made to determine what areas will be constructed in phase two of the park construction plan.

Grant Harper

Park Manager


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