Grayson Gallery & Art Center to present “Funeral Traditions of the South”



The Grayson Gallery & Art Center will present “Funeral Traditions of the South”, a photographic essay designed to document and preserve the diverse heritage of Southern funerals, Friday, November 29 from 6 to 8 p.m.

The solo works of Carol A. Shutt, Photographer, Oral Historian and a trained Kentucky Scholar will be on display in the main space through December 7, 2019

Per Carol, “Americans tend to believe that everyone deals with death in the same way, and that way is the way we deal with it personally. In actuality, there are many, many ways of honoring our loved ones in death. This exhibit is designed to document our diverse heritage to educate those who never knew about, or have forgotten, the traditions of their ancestors or the customs of other groups. Even as our traditions change, one thing is proven to remain the same. The respect for our dead remains intact.”



Due to it being a solo show the Peoples Choice award will be the only award this month so be sure to vote for your favorite!!

As a special program this month, there will also be a visual presentation with a talk by Shutt at approximately 7 p.m. in lieu of live music. 


This opening reception for artists and the public, a monthly Grayson F!nal Fr!days free event, will also feature a poetry reading by Misty Skaggs from her latest book “Planted by the Signs”. Light refreshments provided by Friends of the Gallery. 

Next up will be the holiday market for the annual Hometown Holidays event in Grayson the weekend of December 6, 7 & 8. 

The Gallery’s Artist Market will be open during the festivities

for great deals on ORIGINAL ART and various vendors will be set up in the main space to sell their wares. 

We will also be posting any and all other open hours from now until Christmas but, as has been our routine due to the holidays, there will not be a new show or a reception for artists & the public in December.


Dan Click and the GGAC Board of Directors


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