Grayson: Celebrate Recovery Program Founded On Faith

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Grayson: Celebrate Recovery Program Founded On Faith 2

Celebrate Recovery, a program designed to help people recover from addiction and other issues affecting their personal and family life, has a specific source in mind when referring to a higher power.

“This is a 12-step program developed at the Saddleback Church in California in 1991,” Ken Beck explained as he discussed development of a Celebrate Recovery chapter in Grayson.

The program was created by a recovering alcoholic who worked with his pastor after becoming separated from his own family and receiving a conviction to help himself and others.

“It parallels the 12-step program of Alcoholics Anonymous, but when it talks about the higher power – the higher power is Jesus Christ,” Beck said.

The new Celebrate Recovery chapter meets at 6 p.m. every Tuesday at First Church of Christ in Grayson, with support from a number of participating churches, Beck noted.

A Meal First

Meetings begin with a free meal, followed by a large group session which then divides into smaller groups “to deal with individual topics including addictions, family dysfunction, anger and PTSD, food and body image disorders …” Beck said, adding sessions for teens and children are set to start this month (October 2020).

“The meals will also start in October. We had to jump through Covid hoops,” he said with a smile. The menu will vary from week to week, he said, depending on what supporting churches are able to provide.

“It will probably range from things like Sloppy Joes to vegetable soup,” he said.

Just Show Up

Newcomers are encouraged to attend, and do not need a referral or any money.

“Just show up,” Beck said, clarifying that while there is no cost to attend, “participant guides” are offered for $15 per set of four books.

The Grayson chapter is one of 15,000 Celebrate Recovery programs in America, Beck said, and it is also used in the prison systems of California and New Mexico.

Those who might most benefit from Celebrate Recovery include “Those with any concerns about negative patterns forming in their lives that could use a support group to help them discover alternatives and solutions.”

For more information about the Grayson chapter of Celebrate Recovery, call 606-474-5464.


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