Grayson: A Good Year at Goose Bridle Coffee Roasters

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Grayson: A Good Year at Goose Bridle Coffee Roasters 5

“Things have been surprisingly busy,” Goose Bridle Coffee Roasters Founder Will Stevens said as he bagged up a batch of freshly roasted beans for a Christmas order, explaining his one-man company has been blessed to partner with others in the community during the pandemic of 2020.

Stevens explains he roasted up special blends of coffees for groups including Howell’s Mill Christian Assembly’s church camp, Kentucky Christian University, Carter County Family Resource Center and Dance With Hope Studio to expand his brand’s audience while also raising funds for the host organizations – The partnerships proved successful.

In addition to his signature “Miner’s Medium” and “Boilermaker Bold” roasts, Goose Bridle drinkers have also enjoyed seasonal blends and roasts, such as this summer’s “Huckleberry” and the current “Winter Plum” coffees.

“Huckleberry is actually off the table now,” he said, explaining the seasonal coffee boasted a complex flavor with strong blueberry notes in the aroma and flavor.

“It’s often surprising just how much fruit flavor it has in it,” he said, stressing that such fruity flavors are not added, but instead result from the type of beans used and they method used to harvest them.

“Winter Plum is still available, but it is going fast. It’s more subtle than the Huckleberry. I think it’s a really nice cup of coffee. When I run out, it’s out,” Stevens said, noting his seasonal roasts are based on a foundation of beans from Ethiopa, known for complex flavors as well as high cost, along with Brazilian beans which provide more traditional coffee flavors and a more affordable price – allowing Goose Bridle to offer a superior product at a reasonable rate.

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Goose Bridle Coffee Roasters products have also become more available in recent months. In addition to being sold at The Drive In and Henri’s in Olive Hill as well as Weaver’s Market in Grayson, Goose Bridle is now served at The Mill in Ashland, Truly Local in Morehead, and is a featured beverage at Broom Wagon, a bicycle repair and coffee shop in Lexington.

Goose Bridle Coffee Roasters is also in a small-business competition hosted by “Invest 606” with related events expected to be announced in the weeks ahead.

Stevens said his small business also plans to partner with local and regional artists for new packaging and products during 2021.

Filling orders for Christmas 2020, Stevens said his original “Miner’s Medium” and “Boilermaker Bold” remain most in demand, with the darker roast likely selling a few more bags on average.

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Orders for local pick up or delivery must be placed by December 22, in order to be available by Christmas, Stevens said. For more information or to place an order visit the Goose Bridle Coffee Roasters page on Facebook, or visit

Or call 919.699.6327

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Carter County Post/CCpost Magazine


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