“GO” Radio: Bright Future Built Upon A Proud Past


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A lot of local people in Carter County wake up and start their day with Matt Shufflebarger.

The morning radio host for WUGO/WGOH Radio, Shufflebarger helped put a face to an already-familiar voice during the January Grayson Area Chamber of Commerce meeting at Johnny’s Pizza on Main Street.

“People like us … We’re disappearing,” Shufflebarger said, explaining a multitude of small-market stations like WUGO/WGOH, which was founded by his grandfather DR. Harold Shufflebarger, have been absorbed by corporate broadcasters in recent years.

“I fell in love with broadcasting the summer before I went away to college at Morehead. I realized I have a love of broadcasting,” he said.

The influence and legacy of the late Jim Phillips at the radio station is difficult to express properly, Shufflebarger said. “He was a mentor and more importantly, he was a friend.”

Citing the station’s four Crystal Awards and commitment to the community as well as area businesses, Shufflebarger said local radio continues to reach out and touch a massive audience.

“We may seem small, but we kind of go a long way,” he observed.

Noting he initially accepted the morning-shift duties for two weeks, Shufflebarger said he’s had plenty of time to adapt to getting up before sunrise, and be prepared to answer the call of duty at all hours.

“Radio is definitely a job that does not sleep,” he said.

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Dee Shufflebarger of WUGO/WGOH also discussed local broadcasting and other community concerns during the January Grayson Area Chamber of Commerce meeting.

Story and Photos by TIM PRESTON


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