Foodie Friday: Lexington Diner – by JOHN McGLONE


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The best bite this week comes from Lexington Diner, located at 841 Lane Allen Drive in Lexington. The diner has an upscale food vibe with good prices and large serving sizes.

The diner was selected for brunch on a Friday because they served breakfast all day and has a very convenient location about a block from Harrodsburg Road.

My sister in law had Mom’s Buttermilk Biscuits & Gravy, and she says it is a must order. Two biscuits served with country peppered gravy & choice of sausage or bacon. The meal was served with 4 strips of perfectly cooked crisped bacon. The biscuits were soft and fluffy. $7.99 was a good price for the quality of food. She confirmed that it was very fulfilling.

My sister had the overstuffed Denver omelette with home cut fries and biscuit as sides. The omelette is said to have 3 locally sourced eggs, but it was so big and fluffy it may have had an extra egg. The omelette was filled to the brim with Applewood bacon, pit-smoked ham, sautéed onions and bell peppers and cheddar cheese. There was an abundance of each, and there may have been a couple of bonus mushrooms slide over from the smoked Gouda omelette – no complaint there! It was stuffed and fluffy, just the way a perfect omelette should be.

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 The chunky home cut fries were awesome!!! They were the perfect balance of crispy outside and creamy soft inside. The sea salt was sprinkled just right. The biscuit was big, dense, yet fluffy. Like the fries, crispy on outside and soft inside – which is how I like my biscuits.

It was plenty of food for the low price.

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She Loved the cozy diner meets diverse neighborhood hang out atmosphere. From our table you could see an older couple, and then a young couple, one with royal blue hair, and like us, each seemed to be welcomed like family.

The waitress was upbeat and attentive without being annoying. She was obviously happy as she was singing along to the radio as she went about going from one set of customers to another. She was genuine in her thankfulness for the tip. The bill for 2 breakfasts and beverage was $23 and we did the $20.20 tip challenge. Our waitress seemed to enjoy her job and it showed in her attitude.

My “bite of the week” was the Breakfast Brown. It is served in a baking dish with Chorizo, scrambled eggs, gravy, grilled tomato, bacon & baked cheddar cheese over a slice of Texas toast. It is a breakfast version of the “Kentucky Hot Brown” and was a very balanced and filling dish. The dish was $10.99 which was a good price for the quality and originality of the food.

We also loved that they have a daily blue plate special daily. For more information you can check out their website at:

Now, it’s your turn to share. What’s your favorite dish this week?

This column will be a regular staple of the Carter County Post. Foodie Friday is a celebration of food, whether it is a favorite dish to make at home, to take or eat at a family church or office gathering. It could even be your favorite local or out of town restaurant.

The CCP would like to hear from our readers, what is your favorite dish? At home? At that special event? Or on the road here and yon?

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