F!nal Fr!day ArtWalk for June 2019


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Incredible weather allowed for a near capacity crowd at Grayson Gallery & Art Center for the June 2019 F!nal Fr!day ArtWalk. The pleasant temperatures of early evening encouraged younger and more mature visitors to hop aboard a variety of tricycles and bicycles,

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 including a couple of two-wheeled creations adorned with the works of Van Gough, Monet and Rembrandt, for pedal-powered tours of the immediate neighborhood and beyond.

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Musical entertainment for the evening was provided by Creek Don’t Rise, with guest appearances by Ole Justin Chambers, as well as Wakita Young, as prelude to a most-excellent set of acoustic instruments and vocal harmonies from Charlie Woods & Deep Hollow, featuring Charlie Woods on guitar and vocals; mandolinist and harmonizer Kyle Kleinman; banjo by Josh Hensley, and bassist J.D. Thomas.

More photos follow.

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Award winners were: Charity Suzanne Chapman, who was selected for the Brandon Click Memorial Award; Larry May, who was selected for the Grayson Gallery & Art Center Board Choice Award, and JoDee Priddy, who earned the People’s Choice award.

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