Feeding Community Unity

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Continuing an ongoing series of Meals and hospitality for local law enforcement officers, the owners of Grayson’s Tint Wizard extended the invitation to members of the Kentucky Christian University football team Saturday evening.

“We wanted to give them a chance to mingle and mix with the police … get to know them a little bit better,” said John Fleming, who owns and operates Tint Wizard along with his wife, Michelle.

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Tables were loaded with hand-crafted tamales provided by supporters, as well as ham and cheese sliders prepared by the Flemings, Johnny’s Pizza, fried rice and other entrees and desserts. Daryl Russell of Ironton used an acoustic guitar and classic country tunes to offer entertainment for the evening.

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KCU Coach Corey Fipps said nine of the football team’s members, who also serve on the school’s leadership council, participated in Saturday’s “meet and eat” at Tint Wizard.

“We have nine students from eight states here tonight,” Fipps said, prior to a somewhat in-depth analysis of the evening’s tamales.

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Officers from the Grayson Police Department and Carter County Sheriff’s Office made a point to greet the student athletes individually as they enjoyed the evening’s meal. Fleming said Kentucky State Police officers were also likely to stop by before the evening was finished.

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Info & Photos by TIM PRESTON Carter County Post


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