Family Court Judge Candidate Jeniffer Barker Neice – “I have dedicated my career to family court…”

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Family Court Judge Candidate Jeniffer Barker Neice - "I have dedicated my career to family court..." 2

Jeniffer Barker Neice says she will rely upon years of experience working on behalf of local children and families if she is elected to serve as 37th Judicial Family Court Judge, serving Carter, Elliott and Morgan County.

“I have dedicated my career to family court – less by design than my interest. I felt it was important that someone familiar with Family Court run,” she said. “I feel I am one of the most qualified for the job.”

“I feel a duty or responsibility to give people the choice of a candidate with experience.”

Barker Neice grew up in Elliott County and is a member of the Elliott County High School Class of 1998. She earned a degree in Government at Morehead State University, where she was also an Honor Society member, before earning her degree from the University of Louisville School of Law.

She returned to this area and went to work as a Carter County Assistant Attorney under County Attorney Bob Miller.

“That was when I started working with neglect and abuse cases, and fell into child advocacy. I had an affinity to work with kids,” Barker Neice said.

Family Court

A Family Court Judge “sets the tone and attitude” during legal proceedings, and Barker Neice says she will approach the job with compassion and a goal of finding the best resolution for each family and avoiding any “win or lose” concerns.

“There’s a lot of common ground that’s not being exploited,” she observed.

Efforts to let people know about her campaign have been limited by current conditions, although she said people have been eager to discuss sometimes-partisan issues which might be of concern for a Family Court Judge.

“A big one is domestic violence and how that plays into 2nd Amendment rights,” she noted, explaining anyone subject to a Domestic Violence Order is not allowed to possess a firearm.

2nd Amendment Rights

Barker Neice said she supports 2nd Amendment rights issues.

“I am from Sandy Hook and eastern Kentucky. I am generally armed. We have certain inalienable rights and I believe that is one of them.”


“This district had one of the first family courts outside of Louisville,” she said, noting the Carter, Elliott and Morgan County courts work with an average of about a thousand cases each year “and about a third of those are neglect and abuse cases.”

In Carter County, that average has declined by about 100 cases per year with participants able to see long-term outcomes, she added.

“In 13 years I have seen a lot. That makes me confident I am a good candidate,” she said. “You are shaped by your experiences and I feel I was at the right place and time to play a role in child advocacy.”

“I have less of a learning curve because I understand Family Court is a team of attorneys, parents, grandparents, social workers and others.”

Fun & Family

A resident of the Bruin community near the Carter/Elliott line, she celebrated her 9th Anniversary with husband Lacy Neice, who is originally from Denton. They have two daughters, ages 4 and 6, one dog a couple of cats and nine chickens.

When she isn’t working, Barker Neice said she enjoys time with “awesome friends and family” who enjoy taking their campers to favorite places including Grayson Lake, Carter Caves “and my step dad’s farm, or wherever the RVs take us.”

With a quiet laugh, she shares that her own camper has been converted to serve as an office and campaign headquarters due to the ongoing Covid 19 pandemic.

“Zoom from the kitchen table was not an option,” she said, again citing the family’s children and pets.

Barker Neice said she hopes local voters will contact her (she includes her phone number on her Facebook page).

“I’ve encouraged people to reach out and ask questions. Sometimes they are surprised when I answer or call them back!”

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