Fall Soccer At KCU: by MICHELLE BRAND (14 photos)


kcu2Bmens2Bsoccer2B11 6.JPG3

A brisk fall day for practice had the KCU Men’s Soccer team layering up with warm long-sleeves and sportswear. 

Temperatures in the forties was a huge change from just a couple week’s ago record highs in the low nineties.  

Athletes have the challenges of weather extremes when playing out-door sports.  The men’s team even had a few night practices on the field because of rain.

Enjoy some photos of the men hard at work during last week’s practice.

kcu2Bmens2Bsoccer2B11 6.JPG1

kcu2Bmens2Bsoccer2B11 6.JPG2

kcu2Bmens2Bsoccer2B11 6.JPG3 1

kcu2Bmens2Bsoccer2B11 6.JPG4

kcu2Bmens2Bsoccer2B11 6.JPG5

kcu2Bmens2Bsoccer2B11 6.JPG6

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kcu2Bmens2Bsoccer2B11 6.JPG9

kcu2Bmens2Bsoccer2B11 6.JPG10

kcu2Bmens2Bsoccer2B11 6.JPG11

kcu2Bmens2Bsoccer2B11 6

kcu2Bmens2Bsoccer2B11 6.JPG13

Story and Photos by MICHELLE BRAND


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