“Everyone needs to feel a purpose”: by BOBBI SLOAS



In a time when our normal doesn’t resemble what once was, one thing I have noticed is that change in our own life gives us some sort of control.

Many, myself included, have been asked to give up so much over the past month. Our busy lives have slowed down, to the point we feel helpless and for myself, useless. People went through the motions at first thinking “This won’t last long”, until we had to give in and try to adjust to our new normal. 

We have started to fill our thoughts and days with things that we can control. Projects have been at the top of everyone’s list of things to not only keep us busy physically but keep our minds focused on feel-good accomplishments. 


 Being someone with anxiety I know all too well what happens when you let your mind take control and become a prisoner of your own thoughts. Whether we are painting, cleaning, organizing it helps us feel like we have a purpose when everything we ever known has been put on pause. 

I know when I complete a task it helps my mind, it’s refreshing to see change when outside my home the world seems to be falling apart. Seeing others transform things into something they are proud of makes me excited for them. In return it gives me inspiration on projects I have put off.

It’s the same with personal soul searching projects as well. When you see someone change and become this light not only to you but so many around them, it makes you want to shine your light to other as well. Whether it’s a material or spiritual project, people notice and it gives them inspiration. 

Everyone needs to feel a purpose, to feel accomplished especially In a time that is so uncertain and the light at the end of the tunnel seems so far away. Find your purpose, your comfort, your peace, your project that helps you and maybe it will be your transformation that will inspire others to work on theirs.


Story and Photos by BOBBI SLOAS 

For Carter County Post

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Carter County business owners Paul and Bobbi Sloas are adjusting to their time in quarantine. The Carter County Post welcomes columns, stories and photos by local authors and photographers.


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