Early Spring Flooding Hits Carter County: by Michelle Brand


Several inches of rain in a short amount of time results in streams and rivers overflowing their banks. 

This is what happened with a new storm that brought several inches of rain on Feb. 28-Mar. 1, 2021. Unfortunately this early spring flooding is close on the heels of three historic ice and snow storms that our area is still recovering from.  

Some homes are still without power from the ice storms, and electrical crews are continuing to work hard to clear downed trees and repair the lines. The wide-spread flooding (including several neighboring counties and the tri-state area) are making it impossible to reach several areas today, but the crews are still busy working where they are able. 

Due to the dangerous flooding of roads, if you see water over the road, remember to “Turn around, don’t drown”. Several of the major highways in our area are under water and not passable.  According to the National Weather Service the streams and creeks will continue to drain into the rivers and the rivers will continue to rise throughout the day.

Info & Photos by MICHELLE BRAND Carter County Post


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