CVA & Veterans BINGO: Meals For Veterans And Seniors


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A team of volunteers spent their Monday cooking and delivering meals to 117 local veterans and seniors, then went to work preparing and cooking baked spaghetti meals for more than 150 people to be delivered today.

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Carter County Citizens Veterans Association is providing meals for veterans and senior citizens free of charge, although donations to support the effort are highly encouraged.

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Meals can be picked up Monday through Friday from 11am to 3pm at the Carter County Veterans Center (Bingo Hall) located in the Woods Brothers Shopping Centre (old Ralph’s supermarket bldg).
Deliveries can be arranged by calling 606-474-0481 or 606-474-0441.

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“If you know a Veteran or a senior who could us a meal during this crazy time, take them one,” spokesman Earl Shaffer said.

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Info and Photos by TIM PRESTON


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