Cold case files: Kelly Glover


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A friend of murder victim Kelly Glover made a point to display a T-shirt honoring his memory during Saturday’s homecoming parade in Olive Hill. Glover was killed in an apparent shotgun ambush on a rural road nearly five years ago, and his “cold case” has received renewed attention following an interview with his children, brother and sister-in-law as published by

Kelly Glover’s family remains determined to bring his killer, or killers, to justice. Glover was murdered in an apparent shotgun ambush on a rural road nearly five years ago. No charges have ever been filed in connection with his death. His sons, daughter, brother and sister-in-law spoke to about the status of the case, which remains under investigation.

Glover’s children remember where they were and who told them their dad had been killed. They initially prayed in hopes of the reports he had been shot, but not killed, being true. “I went to the scene and saw his truck,” his son Jesse said, explaining “I have been searching every thought, every day since then.”

Jesse is often openly bitter about the lack of arrests or developments in his father’s murder case, and feels the word “negligence” is applicable. “It’s almost like they’ve been paid off,” he offers with unblinking confidence. His daughter, Kylee, recalled “It happened four days before my 20th birthday.” Glover’s youngest son, Christian, was in 8th Grade when his father was killed. He says less than anyone else in the family as his siblings, aunt and uncle share details about life after Kelly Glover’s death.

Randy Glover, who bears a striking resemblance to his late brother, has worked along with his wife, Patti, to keep the memory of his brother’s murder fresh in people’s minds. They have been gathering and documenting information about the killing since Randy pulled up to the murder scene and spoke to officers shortly after the murder.

“I told them who done it,” Randy said, adding he also provided a motive which would have been easily verified with a glance into Glover’s personal life. The initial investigator assured Randy he would “treat it like it was his own brother,” although the family is now certain that officer compromised the case. “We’ve got a book full of circumstantial evidence,” Randy said.

They hesitate to discuss certain aspects of the case, saying they hope state police investigators will be able to deliver a possible development in July. They are also certain, however, the case is not likely to be solved without their help. 

They pin great hope on an outside entity, such as the TV show Dateline or UFC fighter Matt Brown, will look into the story and shine a light on the situation. The family has been in discussions with Dateline, Randy and Patti note, while UFC fighter Matt Brown has expressed personal interest in bringing attention to the case through his own media company and connections.

“To solve it? If they solve it, it will be because of work that we did,” Patti said. “We really do hope that someone else can step in and help.”

The Glover family continues to offer a $25,000 reward for information leading to an arrest and conviction. If anyone has such information, “They can call us and then they can call the police,” Patti said, offering three numbers – 606-286-2354, 316-5571 or 316-1595.

“The information is in this country. It’s just getting people to say it,” his oldest son added.


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