City of Grayson Tourism meeting June 13, 2019


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The Grayson Tourism Commission met in regular session Thursday, June 13 at the tourism cabin. Issues covered included a report about construction progress on the sports and recreation park, along with discussion of concerns about local hotels’ failure to pay the required 3% transient tax to the city of Grayson.

Earth moving and soil compaction testing is on-going, in order to provide a stable foundation for sports fields and structures. A bid opening that was planned for July 11 was delayed, in order to allow more time for bid packages to be prepared. Bids will be advertised again, for electrical, plumbing, field construction, site concrete, fencing, and site structures on the City of Grayson’s website, Grayson Tourism Facebook page, and in the Dodge Report. For more information, contact A pre-bid meeting will be held on June 20 at the on-site construction trailer, to answer any questions prospective bidders may have. The bid opening will be on July 9, at the tourism cabin.

The commission also discussed the fact that all three local hotels are six months behind on paying the 3% transient tax. Multiple communications have been held; through the mail, phone calls, and by personal contact with city officials. The hotels are collecting the 3% tax on rooms rented, but are not remitting to the city, as required by local ordinance. Legal action will be taken by the city attorney.

Because the hotels are so far behind in paying the transient tax, the Grayson Tourism Commission has had to suspend awarding any monies to our local events. The transient tax is the budget from which these grants are given. All restaurants currently in business are up to date with paying their 3% restaurant tax, which is the budget dedicated to construction and future maintenance of the sports and recreation park.

The next meeting will be a special meeting on July 11 at 5:00 pm at the tourism cabin. The public is always welcome to attend.

Report submitted by Chairman Mindy Woods-Click


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