CCA VS East Carter 30-20: (15 photos) By MICHELLE BRAND


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The Hitchins Gym was Jumping with Local Basketball Action Last Week as the Lady Warriors took a win against East Carter 30-20.

The small town of Hitchins offers a great night of family entertainment as CCA hosts a basketball game night every Tuesday. 

Teams from three area schools all participate in the 2-3 games per night.  They include:  Carter Christian, Raceland and East Carter.  

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CCA Coach Missy Sparks said that the idea for the Tuesday night games came from having conversations with other coaches and how they were having trouble filling up their schedule for their freshman women’s teams.  So Sparks organized the weekly event to get the teams some more playing time.

Coach Sparks said that the weekly games have been very competitive with good match-ups.  The girls haven’t minded playing the same teams each week and have had good sportsmanship.  She also said “The coaches have been great!  And we are hoping it works out to do it again next year!”

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The Tuesday night games will continue until the end of January.  The public is invited with tickets only $5.00 for adults and students are free admission.

Hot coffee, snacks, and yummy food are offered at the concession stand.  It’s a nice way to get out of the house on these dreary winter nights, and visit with friends and neighbors while cheering on these local teams.  

It means a lot to the girls to have a great fan base to support them.  So come on out and join in on the small-town basketball action!  See you there!

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Story and Photos by MICHELLE BRAND


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