Catching Up with Josh McGuire



Years after a high-speed crash nearly killed him, Josh McGuire still dreams of burning fuel full throttle in a fast car on a dirt track. Daily reminders, for better or worse, are simply part of McGuire’s life.

“I went back to the doctor recently. He said it is just going to hurt – lots of arthritis,” McGuire said, explaining he sustained a break of the C-1 vertebrae in addition to massive concussion injuries. “It is as good as it’s going to be. I was compressed. It compressed my whole body,” he said. His expression goes from grim to a grin as he adds, “I show the video to all the kids at school!”

McGuire said he never imagined he would enjoy his new job, teaching math to 7th Grade students in Boyd County, as much as he does. “I love it! I get up each morning ready to go. I have not been late yet – which is a big deal for me!” As a math teacher, McGuire said his experience with real-world physics pays off for his students. “I use the race car as much as possible in the classroom,” he said, explaining today’s 7th Grade math includes numerous introductions to algebra.

His eyes light up as he tells of the upcoming events in his life. “I am a new dad and I have another little girl on the way. It’s going to be great,” he said, crediting his wife, Tracy, for her role in the partnership. “Finley is now four years old and she loves the race car shop. She wears princess dresses to the shop!”

McGuire continues to work as a consultant for other race teams, as well as providing color for Dicky Tiller’s Monday night dirt-track show on Kool Hits 105.7 FM.

McGuire said he thinks about getting back behind the wheel “every minute of every day,” but has accepted his fate.

“I never say never, but I don’t know when I could. I can’t take another hit, and you are going to take another hit,” he said, noting lessons learned from legendary NASCAR racer Neil Bonnett attempt to recover and return to racing.

“If I could do it, I would be right back in it tomorrow but I know I can’t. I still believe I could run wide open on a qualifying lap …”



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