Carter County Race Recap Correction: Richie Edwards takes the checkered flag!



First-time correspondent Gunner Johnson tried to flag the editor’s attention to information about the Richie Edwards Racing Team, but ended up offering a humble apology to his friend and team at the end of the day.

“I apologize for not including this information in my original draft. I hope the #64 team will still continue to support my reports,” Gunner Johnson said once the problem had been identified.

After weeks of trying different setups and battling it out at Mudlick, Richie Edwards found what he had been looking for and drove his #64 Crate Late Model into victory lane! With the help of Mike Horton and 4B Motorsports Richie celebrated a win.


Gunner added a few more details:

Edwards, 37, of Grayson, started out young going with his dad and uncles to race track – and was hooked from there on out! When asked about what he did differently at Mudlick the night before, he commented he doesn’t do a lot of what other people do on set ups. He wants to just have fun. I asked what he did to pull off the win and he replied “The only thing I pulled off was my leg. You know this by now buddy!” Edwards’ fans and friends get the joke.

Thanks to Bubba’s Towing for sponsoring July’s weekly “Race Recap”.

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