Carter County Extension Office: Order Winter Cattle Group Minerals Now!


The Carter County Extension Office is currently taking orders for the winter group mineral order. Hinton Mills will be providing two minerals to choose from. These are custom blends that will be blended by Ridley Four Seasons. One is a complete cow/calf UK IRM mineral containing high magnesium for $16.50 per 50-pound bag. The second is a complete cow/calf mineral containing high magnesium plus Rumensin for $20.50 per 50-pound bag. Rumensin is an ionophore that helps ruminant animals digest and utilize forages more efficiently. Magnesium is added now to help prevent hay tetany during the winter and helps to prevent grass tetany during the lush grass growth of early spring.

Both magnesium and Rumensin have a bitter taste that can affect palatability. When mixed together mineral intake may be decreased. These products are not recommended for sheep, goats or Jersey cattle due to potential copper toxicity. Also, Rumensin is toxic to horses.

Mineral orders must be placed by Thursday, December 19th by calling the Carter County Extension Office at 474-6686. Minerals can be picked up at Hinton Mills or at the Carter County Extension Office at 9:00 AM on Friday, January 3rd.

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