Bear Hunt!: “Bubba’s Bubbles” On The Job


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Gunner Johnson and Hunter Flaugher, part of the team from Bubba’s Towing in Olive Hill, have gotten in on the local “Bear Hunt” action with a big bear on the back of a tow truck, sporting one of the colorful T-shirts distributed by Bubba’s bunch during each year’s Olive Hill Homecoming celebration.

Local people are participating in a nationwide trend, placing teddy bears in windows and other locations to provide entertainment for children taking walks or car rides with family.


The bear was nicknamed “Bubba’s Bubbles” by Bubba Johnson’s 7-year-old daughter, Kenley. He is seen here with his youngest daughter, Corbyn, who is 22 months old.

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Gunner Johnson, who writes a seasonal column  about local racing teams for The Carter County Post, said he is looking forward to someday returning to the local dirt track scene.

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Info and Photos by TIM PRESTON

Carter County Post


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