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Artists are invited to submit work for the Grayson Gallery’s JULY show, and are also asked to attend the opening reception on July 26. 

Feel free to share with fellow artists, clubs and organizations and watch Facebook for info as needed.

There is no formal “theme” so all pieces will be accepted and put on display. Those with art that was created long ago, dust ’em off and bring it over! We have a large crowd in for the receptions and it will be fun to have some older and some newer art to show your progress as an artist and/or how your own work has evolved!

TWO DATES ONLY FOR DROP OFF (I can’t guarantee a program listing if art is received after July 15 but I’ll do my best): Saturday July 13* and/or Monday, July 15 from 10:00am to 2:00pm.

Please label each piece (you may bring up to THREE) with Artist Name, Title, Medium and Price; place on the back (or on any surface for 3D pieces) and be sure to complete the attached Registration Form beforehand or on-site. Work must be YOUR original creation – ALL media and ALL subjects are welcomed!  

There is NO ENTRY FEE; the GGAC will deduct 15% commission on SOLD art only.

PICK UP DATES will be communicated; routinely it’s set for the following month’s “submit” dates unless otherwise advised.

We are GROWING and in serious need of HELP! Interested in co-oping a studio space in exchange for volunteering to “man the gallery” on certain days? How about just hanging out one day a week in order to help us keep the doors open more often?

It’s exciting to be so busy doing what we’re doing but growing pains are a natural (and good) result. We are here for YOU so any volunteer hours you can commit to will be so appreciated and have a further reach to the community than you may know!



*JULY 13th folks – we are having our Second Saturday Shindig KICK OFF that day from 6pm to 9:00+ with a POETRY SLAM and LIVE MUSIC in addition to the art on display – hang out in Grayson and Carter County and stop back by for the event!

Dan Click, Grayson Gallery Director



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