ACTC: Skidmore Accepts Grant Development Responsibilities

Skidmore Ashley 2014
ACTC: Skidmore Accepts Grant Development Responsibilities 2

ASHLAND, Ky. – Ashland Community and Technical College (ACTC) faculty member, Ashley Skidmore, has taken on additional responsibilities as Grant Development Specialist for the college.  

Skidmore began her work at ACTC in August 2008 as a developmental reading instructor.  Over time, she took on additional courses in developmental and college-level English.  She currently serves as an associate professor of English and will continue to teach with a reduced load. Her role as Grant Development Specialist began on Jan. 4.  

She holds a Master of Arts in Education from the University of Kentucky and began her professional career as a middle and high school teacher at Boyd County and Fairview Independent schools before being hired at ACTC.   

Despite not having a professional background in grant writing, Skidmore says she is focusing a good deal of time this semester on grant-specific professional development opportunities. 

She says she pursued this assignment because it allows her to contribute to one of the major lifelines for community projects:  funding. 

As Grant Development Specialist, Skidmore will help oversee grant curation, consideration, and award management. She will also be receptive to new ideas, provide advice, answer questions and write grants as needed. She will spend most of the remainder of this year training for the role and developing policy-based procedure to help everyone understand the process for seeking grant funding at ACTC. 


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