A Good Year For Goose Bridle Coffee Roasters


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2019 has been a good year for Will Stevens and Goose Bridle Coffee Roasters, with plans to finish the year on a high note as people stock up on artisan-roasted coffees for gifts as well as personal enjoyment.

“I think I’ve doubled in size from last year,” Stevens said as he monitored a computer screen providing real time data about the coffee roasting in his converted garage near the edge of Grayson’s city limits.

Counting burlap bean bags folded on a shelf, Stevens said the past six months have been especially busy for Goose Bridle Coffee Roasters.

“All of this has been since July,” he said, grinning.

The one-man roasting business expects considerable trading during the upcoming holidays, with Thanksgiving orders already at deadline.

“Monday (November 25) if you are local,” he noted, advising Christmas orders should also be placed as early as possible.

Half-pound bags of Goose Bridle’s roasts are available, although Stevens said a majority of customers buy the big bags.

“People go for the pounds. Most people don’t mess around with the half pounds, but the halfs do tend to make good gifts,” he said.

Goose Bridle offers two roasts directly, the dark “Boilermaker Bold” and “Miners Medium,” fans of the brand can find a third roast at The Drive-In in Olive Hill, with a fourth being prepared for the new Henri’s Market & Deli.

“That will be a little lighter than Old #7 (The Drive-In’s house roast) and darker than the medium. It’s yet to be named,” he said.

Taste preferences vary, he said.

“People tend to prefer the bold … it comes in waves. One week it will be all bold and the next week it will be all medium,” he said.

Stevens is considering additional products to offer Goose Bridle fans, but is keeping the inventory limited for the moment with only coffee and T-shirts offered online.

“If there’s interest, I may sell coffee makers by Chem Ex – the pour over type,” he said.

The small business is also seeing an increase in holiday shopping with purchases for Hostess gifts as well as Christmas presents. Stevens noted he just filled an order for 30 bags destined as gifts for doctors at a local hospital.

Retail partnerships have also helped the brand grow, Stevens said, noting Goose Bridle coffees are now available by the bag at Weaver’s Market in Grayson, as well as by the cup at three Racers Food Mart locations in Carter County and another in Boyd County.

“I’m looking for more wholesale partnerships – more businesses out of the county. I would like work with people in Boyd, Rowan, Greenup and Elliott counties,” Stevens said, advising “My cell number is on the website,” at www.goosebridlecoffee.com if anyone would like more information. Goose Bridle coffee and T-shirts, available at the same site, can be shipped anywhere in the United States.

Story and Photos by TIM PRESTON

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