8/10 Racing Recap: Brought to you by Midnite Society Tattoos



Due to the big North and South race at Florence, there were no other tracks really racing so our Carter County Boys were mostly all in the barn last weekend.

Next week I’m sure we’ll have some awesome news! There are a lot of big races this weekend coming, including the $20,000 to win Butterball at Richmond Raceway and the Fred Dillow Memorial race at Portsmouth Raceway Park.

In kart racing this weekend:
Dakota Rayburn #28 took to Wheelersburg on Friday night. He took the win in the unlimited all stars. He would try his luck at Willard Kart Way on Saturday night. Dakota would take the win in both heat races and AKRA medium.


Hunter Flaugher #13F would also head to Willard Kartway and finished up in his feature in 3rd place.

I, Gunner Johnson #9F, would head over to Mudlick Valley Raceway with my hot rod nicknamed “The Black Pearl.” There is a box full of monkeys that seem to have came with the car. I’ve been trying to race this car the past few weeks and every week there’s a new problem. My crew worked hard on this car and we really thought we had gotten her all lined out. 

Headed out to do some hot laps and BOOM- there went the transmission. So, back to the trailer we went. We’re looking forward to getting back to Richmond Raceway with my Richmond car. 

And, don’t forget to watch Kart Racing Wednesday night at the 2019 Carter County Fair!

Thanks to Midnite Society Tattoo for sponsoring this month’s race recap! Go check them out!!!

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