7 On 7 action at KCU 7/20/19

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Photos by TIM PRESTON, Community Journalist

Saturday July 20th we saw a little football being played at KCU. Eleven teams in all showed up on a blistering hot Saturday morning to compete in the “I-64 Texas RoadHouse 7 on 7 Showdown”.

Both Carter County schools were represented on the field and both fared well in competition that day. It’s not your normal Friday night football under the lights, but it did give the football frenzy fan who can’t wait until August 23rd at 7:30 for the first kick off of the season something to satisfy their urge!

Each team played 3 games consisting of 21 minutes in length before the July heat wave caused the tournament to be shut down due to the heat index. Each team will be getting back to the practice field this week to continue preparing for the first kickoff. East will host Fairview at home on August 23rd at 7:30pm and West will be on the road traveling too Mercer County for the “Little Caesars Ft. Harrod Bowl” on Saturday August 24th kickoff at 8:00pm.

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